Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

The foreclosure

Who attends a foreclosure sale by the district court, has a good chance to beat a real bargain. A foreclosure sale for the purpose of satisfying outstanding monetary claims of creditors. When it comes to her by right of a foreclosure, they are first made ​​public. In this, the respective county district courts play a central role.

They provide information about the way a foreclosure sale, as well as about their appointments. appointments are for a foreclosure, where both of the newspapers of a federal state or court panels at the district court itself known. Increasingly dates for foreclosure of a property, for example, announced in the Internet. Advantages of a foreclosure a very important advantage is that charges for most items no brokerage fees.

These are usually between 2 -. 6%, which quickly be several thousand euros for a property, the fact that the district court must set a minimum price for the auction stationary object, those previously examined by an independent expert, or estimated . The completed appraisal report provides information on the state of an object, without which this work is honored by the buyer needs. [A word of caution: A report can have its pitfalls.

Not always be real estate, for example, examined from the inside, or an assessment is already back for more.] Generally speaking, that made ​​all the costs clearer at a foreclosure sale and therefore are easy to calculate. Unforeseen additional costs, as they can quickly occur in a new building, you can exclude a rule.

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